Message from Coach Solomon: 

Heroes! We are in the final stretch. Put in some good miles during the week, and a moderate effort this weekend. Its been so long since we have ridden together, but the individual strength and training you've put in has paid off. This weekend take some time to ride about 1/2 as far as you are planning to ride on the 20th. It would be a good opportunity to ride the first 1/4 of your route, check on your stop or support locations and any construction going on. Throughout next week, make sure to drink enough water (your weight in ounces is a good goal), get balanced meals and make sure you are feeling well for the ride.

As always reach out if you want help with routes!

Rouvy Links

Train indoors on the Huntsman Ride routes using Rouvy!  The Huntsman Ride routes have been uploaded on Rouvy and is a great training too for both seasoned and amateur riders. Rouvy is a paid platform, but if you enjoy the convenience of an indoor training, it’s a great option for a scenic ride. .  

How to set up Rouvy before your first ride:
Rouvy can be used in two ways, both of which are compatible with our Huntsman Ride virtual routes. The 'RouvyAR' app supports group rides, similar to Zwift, and requires use of a trainer or bike equipped with a Watt-based power sensor. The 'Rouvy Workouts' app does not support group rides, but does not require a power sensor. Instead, Rouvy Workouts can connect to a speed sensor, such as the Wahoo Speed. In RouvyAR, cyclists can add sensors using the button at the top right, while in Rouvy Workouts, the button is in the bottom of the window, near the middle. Be sure the device is on and active, so Rouvy can see it.
Long term use of Rouvy also requires a subscription (~$8/month), but the app allows unlimited riding during a 10 day trial period beginning after your first ride of more than 5 minutes. For those riders who wish to avoid the subscription payment, it may be best to download and start using Rouvy no sooner than Thursday, June 11.

Finding our routes our in browser (without links)
1: Log in to
2: Under 'Explore' click on 'Virtual Routes'
3: In the search tab, search for 'Huntsman Ride'
4: Click on each route title, and click 'Add to my Favourites'

Finding our routes in RouvyAR
1: Near the middle of the screen, click the 'Change' button to select a new route
2: In the top left, click the search button and search for 'Huntsman Ride'
3: Click 'Start' to start the ride! RouvyAR will search for your power sensor via bluetooth, and begin the ride when it is connected

Finding our routes in Rouvy Workouts
1: Click the button to view 'All Routes' on the left side of the window
2: On the right side, use the search bar to search for 'Huntsman Ride'
3: It may take several seconds for the map display to load, and I found it easier to use the toggle button to select the 'Table' view
4: Click 'Start Race' or 'Start Training' in the top right to connect sensors and begin the ride 5: Race mode enforces strictly realistic conditions, such as removing the ability to pause, teleport, or change difficulty during the ride. For event day, we suggest using Race mode for the most authentic experience.


LEG 1: Start to Center Street in North Salt Lake - 15 miles
LEG 2: Center Street in NSL to Farmington - 10 miles
LEG 3: Farmington to Antelope Island Gate - 20 miles
LEG 4: Antelope Island Gate to Garr Ranch and back to Marina - 30 miles
LEG 5: Marina to Emma Russell Park in Roy - 15 miles
LEG 6: Emma Russell Park to Legacy Park in Layton - 11 miles
LEG 7: Legacy Park to Farmington - 14 miles
LEG 8: Farmington to Center Street in NSL - 10 miles
LEG 9: Center Street to Finish Line - 15 miles


LEG 1: OUT, Start to Cottonwood Vibe Building - 12 miles
LEG 2: BACK, Cottonwood Vibe to Finish Line - 12 miles

Cycling Training Routes

5-10 mile options:

  • I recommend taking the kids out and do a few laps around the neighborhood. Explore some roads you've never ridden.
  • If you don't have kiddo's, then pick a direction and do an out-and-back.

15 Mile Route Options:

20 mile options

25 mile Route Options:

30 Mile Route Options:

35 mile options

40 mile options

45 mile options

50 mile Route Options:

55 mile options

60 mile options

65 mile options

70 mile options

75 mile options

85 mile option

90 mile options

100 mile options

* These usually start at our regular spots, but you can and should start them anywhere they swing by your house. If you want a custom route made shoot me an email and I'll see what I can do! This isn't time to let fitness run away, its time to buckle down and show how much determination and grit we heroes have!

If you need to catch up, either email me at [email protected] for a shorter ride option or peruse our many routes on RideWithGPS



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Mission Statement

Huntsman Cancer Foundation's sole purpose is to raise funds to support the mission of Huntsman Cancer Institute, which is to understand cancer from its beginnings, to use that knowledge in the creation and improvement of cancer treatments, to relieve the suffering of cancer patients, and to provide education about cancer risk, prevention, and care.