Agave Power — Greening the Desert

Support the Billion Agave Project and our mission to revitalize the world's deserts, draw down carbon emissions, and reverse global warming.

The Billion Agave Project is a game-changing ecosystem-regeneration strategy recently adopted by several innovative Mexican farms in the high-desert region of Guanajuato.

This strategy combines the growing of agave plants and nitrogen-fixing companion treespecies (such as mesquite), with holistic rotational grazing of livestock. The result is a high-biomass, high forage-yielding system that works well even on degraded, semi-arid lands. This agroforestry system reduces the pressure to overgraze brittle rangelands and improves soil health and water retention, while drawing down and storing massive amounts of atmospheric CO2.

The goal of the Billion Agave Project is to plant four billion agaves globally, alongside one billion nitrogen-fixing trees, on 2 million hectares (5 million acres) to draw down and store, on a long-term basis, one billion tons of climate-destabilizing CO2. The campaign will be funded by donations and public and private investments. Your donation will directly lead to our efforts to rapidly develop, implement, and promote this model.

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